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Radio Music Me
This project started as something to do during lockdown and a chance to document some memories for my immediate family. I had lots of time on my hands so it grew legs as they say,

As I started writing, I intended only to include speech, but it became clear it would be a more interesting listen if I added some relevant music. I started to think about other ways to produce it. My idea was to try and relate all the music, to the year I first broadcast. (To an audience of 2500 on board the Aircraft Carrier, HMS Ark Royal)

The first programme below is the result. Random memories from a life in radio but all linked in some way to 1970. So while the stories stretch across 40 years, all the music is from just that one year.

When I got to the end, I realised I had done so much more and consequently (With more time on my hands) the work started all over again, but this time associating the stories with the music of the period.

Originally intended only for my family, I am happy to share it with a bigger audience. I hope you find them interesting and entertaining.

Comments or questions would be welcome on my


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The 1970 SHOW
(One hour thirty minutes)

The 1972 -1986 SHOW
(57 minutes)

From the Royal Navy to Commercial Radio

The 1986 -2020 SHOW
(1 Hour 16 minutes)
The BBC and the other bits