My first publicity shot as a mobile DJ. The other half of this card was full of information (Spin) about me. The headphones were borrowed from a Radio Clyde friend of mine. Mobile DJ's couldn't afford anything that good. Notice the Trimphone.

(Circ 1979)

A little while before I joined the BBC and still working at Radio Tay in Dundee, I swam the mouth of the River Tay to raise money for the station charity. I got the turn of the tide wrong so I started drifting out towards Carnoustie and ended up swimming more than a mile in what was very cold water. The swim raised more than a £1000 which for the mid-80's showed fantastic support from my listeners.  

My first ever publicity photo for the BBC in 1986 and I was at Radio Two. As they say, it's all downhill from here. Had I peaked too soon?

Look at the full head of hair and how dark it was.

I wouldn't want to use those headphones again, they were very uncomfortable and the sound quality poor, but there are still some around.


I think this was 1987 when I sailed down the Thames in a bathtub promoting the Children in Need Appeal for BBC Radio Two. I stopped for a rest at one point and chatted to Ester Rantzen from a mobile phone which was one of the early versions with a house brick size battery.
A Radio Two studio circ. 1986
This is a Radio Two studio from the early 80's. Note the three record decks and a complete abscence of any computers - hurrah!
Dave and Colin Berry
This is a publicity shot taken c.1986. Colin Berry was presenting the Early Show Monday - Friday and I was in charge on Saturday and Sunday. He was one of the really nice guys I worked alongside at Radio Two.
The opening of Wragbt swimming pool
Following a series of fund raising events on behalf of the group behind a new swimming pool for Wragby, I was invited to the official opening. Years from now I'm sure people will wonder who "Dave Bussey" is when they see the name on a plaque on the wall.
Dave at BBC Lincolnshire
Early days at BBC (Radio) Lincolnshire. I wasn't a smoker but there's an ashtray there - nothing to do with me! BTW - That's a Neve Mk 3 desk.
Dave rowing from Saxilby to Lincoln
One of my first fund raising efforts for BBC Radio Lincolnshire. Rowing a boat from Saxilby to Lincoln. I've no idea where the idea came from and certainly I couldn't row very well, but somehow I made it.
Bird of prey
One of the many animals I have interviewed at the Lincolnshire Show though this one was more interested in other things going on.
Back in the 80's, apparently it was cool to wear white shoes. This is me opening Arrow Cycles in North Hykeham for my friends Ted and Carole
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