I’m often asked by groups that I speak to, if I can supply a brief outline of my involvement in radio that can be used as an introduction to my talk. What follows is an idea of what you will hear when we meet in your village hall.

My involvement in radio can be tracked back to 1970 when I helped run a station on board HMS Ark Royal. (I joined the Royal Navy as a fifteen year old in 1968) My subsequent draft to Polaris submarines didn’t allow me to continue with broadcasting so it would be fair to say that 1979 (When I left the navy) was the start of it all.

Following a number of letters being sent to radio stations all over the country begging to be a DJ, a telegram arrived from Radio Forth in Edinburgh inviting me to audition. My first show was “Edinburgh Rock”, a show that I was inadequately prepared for musically, but it was a start. From there I joined the new station in Dundee “Radio Tay” and spent five years presenting a variety of shows and was very involved in raising money for the station appeal. (See below)

A period of about a year was then spent at Northsound Radio (Aberdeen) and travelling Scotland and the North of England providing voice-overs for radio and television. National radio beckoned and I spent almost five years presenting the “Early Morning Show”, Saturdays and Sundays, on Radio Two. Highlights included meeting my hero John Dunn, presenting “The Ray Moore Show” one Christmas morning and working with the “Children in Need “ programme. (More below)

During the early part of that period (Radio Two) I also spent time presenting shows at BBC Cambridgeshire, BBC Three Counties Radio, the World Service and BBC Radio Lincolnshire, before eventually settling in the county replacing the then Breakfast Show presenter, John Inverdale.

The next 21 years was spent broadcasting with the BBC in Lincolnshire and continuing with my radio and TV voice-over work, a spell that included voicing the second series of the gameshow “Dog Eat Dog” with Ulrika Jonsson. Working six days a week for the first fifteen years and a more normal five a week during the final years (Not including the occasional extra shifts) that makes about 6000 BBC radio programmes which is a of of talking!

After leaving the BBC full time I have been teaching the Radio Presenters of the future at the University of Lincoln and running radio projects in local schools. I continue to talk to groups all around the county and have used donations from some of those talks to fund village projects including the creation of a new playing field and playpark for which I spent a number of years as Chairman.

More recently I have been helping out with Lincoln based community radio station LCR (Lincoln City Radio). They broadcast to the over fifties, with the music being pre-1980's in the main.

Occassional work with the BBC has continued to come my way from local stations in the East Midlands with a return to a regular Sunday show on BBC Radio Lincolnshire (1-3PM)



I can’t deny that like most aspiring Radio Presenters, I wanted the thrill of opening shops, presenting charity cheques and declaring fetes and gala days open. The reality is not quite so exciting and I confine myself to talks these days. Being a broadcaster does however give you a profile that means you can help with fundraising and take on some challenges of your own. This is something I have always enjoyed and below are some of the more successful events that I have been involved with and which have raised a lot of money.

BBC Radio Two – Paddled a bathtub along the boat race course for “Children in Need” (Photo)

Radio Tay – Swimming the mouth of the Tay (About a mile) very cold but raised hundreds of pounds (Photo) Paddled a bathtub from Perth to Dundee – actually quite dangerous but a great fundraiser

Northsound Radio – Paddling a bathtub down the River Dee into Aberdeen, again about 20 miles

BBC Radio Cambridgeshire – Paddled a Cambridge Punt down the River Cam with Chris Morris. (Photo)

BBC Radio Lincolnshire – Rowed a rowing boat from Saxilby to Lincoln, (Photo) cycled around the county, swam in every pool in the Lincolnshire in a day. I spent many evenings in Wragby running quizzes, helping the local community to build their first ever swimming pool.(Photo) My biggest fundraiser was running the annual Lincolnshire/Humberside golf day. Always a big job but rewarded with tens of thousands of pounds over the years it took place.



On two occasions I received nominations in the Television and Radio Industries Club of Scotland for my “Sunday Challenge’ programme. This was a programme full of quizzes, phone in competitions and a weekly challenge to do something silly on air.
In 1993 I received an award for a gardening phone-in, which was the result of a programme broadcast with Daphne Ledward from her garden,
As the Presenter during the evening of the Skegness water crisis I went to the Frank Gillard Awards and picked up a Bronze for BBC Radio Lincolnshire’s coverage of the event.
My biggest honour was to head south to London for the Sony Radio Awards in 1989 at which I received a nomination in the Breakfast Show category, the first ever Sony nomination for BBC Radio Lincolnshire. I was beaten by Chris Tarrant.

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