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September 2018

After trying to downsize for a few years it became clear that staying in the village I love was going to be difficult. Then along came an opportunity. A piece of land became available and so as I write, a new home is being built. So far we have the base down and the first of the walls is rising. It will be next March before we are ready to move in. This is a very stressful experience, speak to me before you start a project like this yourself !!!

Sundays continue at BBC Radio Lincolnshire. I am presenting "Poachings", which is a look back at the best bits of the week's output. Please tune in on Sundays, 1-3PM, 94.9FM or on line at In other radio news, I am producing an oldies show for Oman Air

My golf handicap is now 24, slightly up on this time last year but I think I can get it down again. How can anything so simple be so hard? The bottom line is I still enjoy it and it's always a good walk with friends. With summer on its way I hope I can play more and then fingers crossed, my game will improve. However, there are other things I need to focus on.

LCR is a community radio station and is available on 103.6FM across the city of Lincoln and can be heard in surrounding villages. The musical tastes of the over fifties are catered for with a selection of music from the eighties back to the war years. It's also available on the web ( I am working in the background but you'll hear my voice on jingles and adverts. We're always looking for volunteers both off and on air. Contact me if you'd like to know more.

I continue to do talks around the county. I talk and answer questions for a little over an hour and cover a career in Radio and if there’s time, my life on a Polaris submarine. I love talking to the ladies and have been doing it for 30 years now, but I'm also available for men's groups. details if you would like me to visit your group. Please feel free to contact me if I can help you. Thanks for staying in touch.