Tuesday September 10th and I appear on Radio One for the first time. Scott Mills' "Innuendo"Bingo" requires his team to hold a mouthfull of water while listening to clips from Radio and TV programmes. Great fun and someone was kind enough to send something of mine in !


My first brush with radio came in 1970 when I was part of a team broadcasting on HMS Ark Royal. The telephone extension in the studio gave birth to the name "Radio 433". Sadly, I have no audio from that era but maybe that's a good thing!

A subsequent draft to the Polaris Submarine HMS Resolution meant no room for a radio station but somehow we managed to put something through the speakers in the mess decks and called it Radio UK01 (Britains first Polaris submarine). I was reminded of this when, 39 years later a CD arrived at the house posted by an old shipmate, Smudge Smith. Curiously he had recorded one of my broadcasts and found it while clearing out old cassettes. He went to the trouble of converting it to CD, for which I am very grateful. I don't intend to let the world hear all of it, but for those who have heard me broadcasting in recent years, this is a small snapshot of yours truly. It was recorded several hundred feet below the waves in an area I can't tell you about (Or I'd have to kill you) on the 19th July 1974






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