The Ryder Cup
One of my highlights of 2006. A day out with friends playing the Lakes course at Thonnock (Gainsborough), dinner in the evening and the arrival of the Ryder Cup. A proud moment for me to be able to hold it.
Dave Bussey
Captain of Welton Manor Golf Club 2006. A privilege and an honour. By the end of the year I had headed the most successful league team for years but sadly we still didn't win the league.
Dave Bussey on the Great wall of China
One day I'll win a photo competition in a golf magazine for this and pick up a great prize! It's not a composite picture, I really did take a putter all the way to China just to have this picture taken. Granted it was a collapsible putter and I did get some very strange looks from people on the wall, but I just didn't care!
St Andrews
St Andrews clubhouse and the famous Swilken bridge in the foreground. I've never played the Old Course but managed a reasonable round on the New Course(Similar in ways and is in itself more than a 100 years old.
Lincoln Golf Club
Lincoln Golf Club at Torksey is recognised as one of the top clubs in the East Midlands with regular regional competitions held there. It's very rarely closed and you'll struggle to see a winter green.

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