A very young Dave Bussey
I was very, very young then and while my physical age has changed, my mental age has not kept pace! In this worrying picture it is not immediately obvious whether I am a boy or a girl but I am a little more certain now. Not sure if I would have allowed my own children to be dressed like this.
Dave and the children
This picture was taken around 1985. My poor old back wouldn't like to do this now but I love the picture. Vicky now has her own ideas about her hair style and it is nothing like this!
Dave in Rhodes
Summer 2005 and a restful moment in Rhodes in the middle of yet another long hot day. The sun was good for me and it was a wonderful break from work. By the way, I'm sure you will agree - you have to be a real man to get away with wearing pink!
Summer of 2010, someone said I look much younger than my years! We all need friends like that. Thank you.
Easter 2011 and as the years go by I appear to be getting much younger - 1-2-3 and you're awake ! It was just a dream, hey ho....
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